There is only one way to truly beat the Krazy Wizard Kurgill and be the Ultimate Monkey — you have to ascend the ranks and challenge him face to face in a Monkey Tournament! Here’s your chance to get your name on The Gnome Trophy!

Official Monkey Tournaments (OMT)

Monkey Tournaments are set up as follows:img_0465

Time: ~3 hours

Cost: If any, it is usually on a “by donation” basis to a particular cause.

Structure: (all games are played 1 vs 1 — each participant always gets to play at least 2 games.)

  1. Feet Wet Round This first round is just for fun, a chance “to get your feet wet,” it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose, so this is an ideal teaching round for new players.
    • Do random draws to match players together 1 vs 1
    • If you win the Feet Wet Round move to Side 1, if you lose move to Side 2 (if your tournament has an odd number of players, randomly select a player to get a “bye” — they move immediately to Side 1)
    • Players remain in Side 1 or Side 2 for the remainder of the tournament
  2. Elimination PhaseDo single or double elimination rounds until Side 1 has a winner and Side 2 has a winner
  3. Semi-FinalWinner of Side 1 plays Winner of Side 2
  4. Final Showdown (against Kurgill) Winner of the Semi-Final plays  against Kurgill in an all-or-nothing match. Who will win, you or Kurgill?


Tournament Apes 2

  • Every participant gets a Tournament Ape to add to their Monkey collection. These apes are flippable character cards that can be obtained exclusively through participation in an Official Monkey Tournament
  • The winner of the Semi-Final gets The Gnome Award (Yes! Birdlight Games’s own 3-D gnome model!!)
  • The winner of the Final Showdown with Kurgill gets their name engraved on The Gnome Trophy

Hosting Your Own Monkey Tournament? (requires at least 4 participants)

Hosting a monkey tournament is a fun and unique way for you to share Monkey with your friends and family. If you are interested in running your own Official Monkey Tournament, contact us :).

Tournament History

Tournament 1 – November 5th, 2016 – Regina, SK – Kurgill wins!

  • Kurgill & 6 participants: Michael Friesen, Tim Friesen, Rob Gosselin, Lyndon Luu, Ryan Munchinsky, and Glenn Sawatzky
  • Tournament Sheet (blank): LINK (but we ended up doing a round robin); PICTURES
  • The Gnome Award went to the top player : Glenn Sawatzky
  • Final Showdown – Insane Mode Format

Tournament 2 – TBD