Ryan vs Rob (May 30, 2019)

“There was no justice tonight.” Rob spoke truly when he uttered these paraphrased words.

Ryan began with the most ostentatious card, using a twenty to claim the first turn, which would set the pace for the entire game to follow. Rob quickly showed his prowess in climbing two trunks, leaving Ryan at the bottom, despite trunk #2 being a despicable 20. Ryan soon surpassed him as Rob fell to monkey traps and the gnome, ending up at the bottom. But to Ryan’s horror, trunk #3 was a 20, and #4 was a middling black card! Yet in persistence Ryan reached the treetop as the first player to do so. But alas! the double-gnome was hiding in the deck, taking first Ryan, then Rob in a 1-2 combo! Though Ryan tried to regain ground, it was short lived, as a monkey fight followed by a slide brought Ryan down to Rob’s level at trunk #2. In the midst of this struggle, Rob got fed up with the double twenty, so after reaching trunk #3, he slew the 20 at that position with an axe, only for it to be replaced with an identical twin 20! Likewise, when the #4 black card was axed, another black card took its place! Another axe for both positions was required to finally rid the trunk of these two cards, though the #2 trunk 20 remained in place to the end. Meanwhile, traps were flying between players, and there was rarely a time when a trap was not in sight, though only one trap in 12 seemed to be effective. But when Rob finally cleared the trunks (leaving Ryan with 4 traps at the bottom), he drew from his 13 cards, that he managed to somehow save, and challenged the tree-top! But no! Kurgill would not let Rob so easily saunter off with the win after such a trunk as had never before seen by mortal man. Rob was wizard trapped, and Ryan would have had a chance to recover, but for the gnome! So it was that Rob, though with lessened cards still had many, was then able to muster up the strength to challenge the tree-top once more. And behold! lo! forsooth! soothfor! Kurill’s traps one and two failed him! Rob had bested the best of the beasts of trees!
Now it was an all-or-nothing, for the winner of the next game would continue on, and the loser would be out. So as soon as they could, both players raced to the top of the much-much easier trunks to the tree-top. Ryan, in regret and terror after the last game (or was it out of bravado, thinking that all fears were past?), in a forceful hand played a 15 and two 20s to master the tree-top challenge! Oh, but Kurgill. Kurgill! The wizard of cunning and craziness! He would not stand for such defiance! He lulled Ryan to peace with a red ten trap, before slamming him down in slaughter by the darkest-of-dark black 15! Oh, but Rob was quick to pounce on his chances, now with hope rekindled! He slapped down not three, but four cards on the treetop, calling forth loud challenges to the wacko wizard. And to astonishment and amazement, it was over! The deed was done! To top was topped! The Ryan was stopped! For Rob emerged the victor that day, and sent Ryan away, for Rob would be the one with his face set against Michael to vie for champion in the tournament!
Some pictures of this time are included for your viewing pleasure.