Rob vs Michael (June 11, 2019)

Good evening fellow friends mine!

Tonight I join the fallen. Unlike my game with Ryan, justice reigned tonight to give Michael the win. Michael deserves the win because he overcame the odds. It was he who received a gnome smackdown, an anvil, and my Monkey traps. Nary a one did I get of these. Instead I received faeries and several twenties (with the odd dynamite I will say). I stayed urbane with this good fortune but clearly the game would be mine, and I thought “Quick up the Tree Rob, and ditch Michael at the bottom”. And so I climbed. Michael slowed me down by besting me on a couple early boxing gloves, the clever lad. But when I made it to the Treetop I was ready to flash my backside his way and leave him to repent. I was Business Monkey and it was business time. I attempted the Treetop revealing first the only Treetop card I didn’t know. ’Twas a twenty. In that moment, my masquerade ended and I was humbled utterly falling to position 4. Michael proceeded to the Treetop and took the win.

So Michael will face Kurgill for a final showdown. This is fitting for Michael bested Kurgill already once this tournament and now Kurgill can return to show his true colours once again. After he checks his work schedule Michael will be sending out some possible times for his match against Kurgill. It would be super if others can make it to watch the final match of this exciting Monkey Widelands Tournament!
All the best Michael in the final match!