Michael vs Kurgill (May 22, 2019)

Oh. My. Goodness.

I just had the most lucky crazy game of insane mode with Kurgill. ‘‘Twas a rough start: two anvils and easy climbing for Kurgz. I was left in the dust. Next curse is a monkey fight! I try with an 8, but Kurgill’s 9 gives him the advantage. He is position 4 already, and I haven’t started climbing. So I power up 2 spots: luckily I dodge the wizard traps. Kurgill easily advances to the top spot. My next curse is an axe! Finally a break! I decide to take a risk: I pick a random treetop in the hopes that I make it harder for him at the top, this buying me time. The old card was a 5, so I figured the new treetop card must be harder. I use my turn to get up to the tree top, but a trap wastes an action-next turn would not have a treetop attempt with uneven actions! But this might be the end anyway-Kurgill tries… but fails! A 10 holds him at bay! He fall to position 4, and my turn yields another axe! So I decided to gamble: a 10 might stop me too, so I chop it, hoping for something better with me. I gain the treetop with one action, and pick up a second card for my last action. Kurgz easily climbs and we’re both at the top. I get my third card at the start of my turn, and the curse is a bird, taking 6 out of the game. Luckily, I had 7’s and a 5… in retrospect, it didn’t seem like a winning kind of hand. Strategically speaking, I really should have drawn for more high cards before attempting, but this is INSANE MODE. No risks, no glory, and no time to waste with Kurgill doubtless taking the treetop next turn! So I went for it, and OH MY WORD. Red 5 in place of the 10 I chopped earlier? I have literally one card that works: yellow 7. Yellow 3? Well, my yellow 5 won’t work, so goodbye red 7. Last card. The one I chopped with my first axe: it used to be a 5, but now it’s a green 4!! I use my yellow 5 to beat it, and it’s time for Kurgill’s final traps: 20 and 6! I cannot believe the luck I’ve had here. It’s just crazy. Anyway, I’ll send the pictures too.

The pics are the start, then a moment when Kurgill trapped my before I reached the top, and the crazy finale.

My cards are as I described above, and they are situated above the treetop cards in my winning picture.

My mind was so blown when I won. The chances of each card working like that are crazy!!


–Michael Friesen