Michael vs Kurgill (June 18, 2019)

Dear friends and fellow competitors of the Monkey Widelands Tournament,

It is my honour and pleasure to announce that Kurgill…..Has been defeated!!! Rob and Ryan were able to participate and they stand (or sit?) as witnesses to the result of the finale.

After a staggering, hour long battle, most of which took place at the treetop, I was able to challenge the final three cards and emerged victorious over Kurgill, most Krazy of Konjurers! I had the good fortune to receive three axes (though not in a row) over my climbing turns, all of which I used on the Treetop cards. The final top was 7, 15, and 1. The 1 was a hard blow, since it made it easier for Kurgill, but the 15 was a welcome hurdle, for it slowed my opponent’s chances at the top. At the treetop, both of us tried and failed (due to traps or insufficient cards) at least 4 or 5 times each before I finally approached the challenge with a nearly ideal hand for numbers: I used a 20 on the 15, and I had three 7s, two of which handled the 7, and the final 7 for the 1. With only 20 and 7 for Kurgill’s final traps, the odds were the best I’d had yet––and it was enough! Thus, I have the great honour, not only of winning this Monkey Widelands Tournament, but also of being the first Human victor to have my name on the Monkey Trophy!

Thanks guys for a great tournament, and of course, a big thank you to Rob for creating this game which has brought us joy, and brought us all together from afar.

I have the pleasure to remain, your humble, yet perhaps not so humble since I just wrote that, VICTOR of the 2019 Monkey Widelands Tournament,


Michael Friesen


P.S. I believe Rob will be sharing some pictures as well, so stay tuned!